The hottest oil price continues to fall, and it is

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The oil price continues to fall, and it is expected that domestic propylene will show a downward trend

the quotation of propylene manufacturers in Shandong has fallen sharply. At present, the mainstream quotation is yuan/ton. The manufacturers reflect that the sales situation is relatively general due to the continuous decline of international oil prices and the downward trend of downstream polypropylene. It is reported that the actual ex factory price of propylene in Shandong is slightly different from the manufacturer's quotation. Market analysis

avoid bumping against manufacturers around Shandong. The sales situation is not as good as that in the early stage, and the shipment situation is general. 2. Today, the price of Shijiazhuang Refinery of Hazlet method was reduced by 300 yuan/ton, with average sales. Tianjin Bluestar propylene continues to be exported. Today, the price is 11500 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer says the sales situation is poor. In the western region, Xi'an Petrochemical currently has a small volume, its sales situation is relatively stable and basically normal, and its price is stable at 11000 yuan/ton; The quotation of Xianyang additives is stable, and the sales situation is stable. Lanzhou Petrochemical has reduced its price by 100 yuan/ton, and the current price is 10400 yuan/ton. In Northeast China, the supply in the region is slightly tight at present. Daqing Refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. used all its propylene during shutdown and overhaul. Jinzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is currently exporting propylene due to the general sales situation of polypropylene. Shenyang wax Chemical Co., Ltd. prepares goods for its acrylic device, which is not for export. The hydraulic oil price of the early experimental machine is usually 12000 yuan/ton

the downward trend of domestic propylene gradually became clear, and the prices of some manufacturers decreased. Propylene prices in the Far East fell at the beginning of the week. Propylene prices rose sharply in the early stage. At present, international oil prices continue to fall, and the downward trend of downstream polypropylene will not change in the near future. Therefore, it is expected that domestic propylene will show a downward trend in the near future

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