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The price adjustment window of refined oil was opened on the 24th or carried out at the same time with the pricing reform

insiders said that the price adjustment or the reform of the pricing mechanism of refined oil were carried out at the same time

the resurgence of the international oil price made the price of domestic refined oil face adjustment. Institutional calculations show that the price of domestic aviation kerosene is likely to rise first at the beginning of next month, and the price adjustment window of domestic gasoline and diesel may be opened on November 24. This price adjustment may also be carried out at the same time as the reform of the pricing mechanism of refined oil

according to the monitoring of Zhongyu information, as of November 14, the average price of Singapore aviation kerosene in the domestic November pricing period was $128.557/barrel. It is expected that the national development and Reform Commission 1 formed aluminum swing frame can be easily installed with each replacement fixture. In February, the CIF import price of Singapore aviation kerosene was 7688 yuan/ton, an increase of 368 yuan/ton over the previous month. As for the two major companies, it is estimated that the ex factory price of aviation kerosene in the oil refinery is 7688 yuan/ton in mid December. Pan Xuezhu, deputy general manager of aviation Guangya Aluminum Group No. 3 of Sinopec refinery sales company, said that the ex factory settlement price of kerosene is 7588 yuan/ton, and the price of aviation kerosene supplied by PetroChina and Sinopec is 7638 yuan/ton

as the domestic aviation fuel price has been adjusted once a month, the industry expects that the aviation fuel price will rise on December 1

According to recent monitoring, as of November 14, the moving weighted average price of crude oil in the three places was $110.745 per barrel for 22 consecutive days, and the benchmark average price was $107.849 per barrel. The change rate of crude oil in the three places was 2.83%, up 0.63% from the previous day. According to the recurrence of the spot price on November 14, the change rate of the three places is expected to meet the necessary conditions for price adjustment of "4% on November 24, which means that the window for price adjustment of refined oil will open at that time

"recently, the oil price in New York has returned to the upward trend, and it has risen for the sixth consecutive week as of last week. If the international oil price continues to maintain the current situation, it is likely to meet the conditions for opening the price rise window by next week." Said ShenTao, an analyst at Zhongyu information

however, even if the "window" is opened, according to the usual practice of the national development and Reform Commission in the past two years, the price adjustment may not be realized immediately

"according to the reduction standard in October, the range of this increase may be about 300 yuan/ton when the experimental machine is loaded. If the price adjustment is delayed, the range of price adjustment will be greater than 300 yuan/ton, and it may be accompanied by the reform of the pricing system of refined oil products." Shen Tao said

at the same time, the trend of international oil prices is contributing to the price adjustment of refined oil. Recently, a series of economic data released by the United States showed signs of improvement; In terms of the European debt crisis, investors are optimistic about the prospect of the European debt crisis as the Italian and Greek governments complete the replacement. In addition, the market is worried that the Iranian nuclear issue will affect global oil supply and also provide impetus for the rise in oil prices

"based on the above factors, the oil price in New York is likely to break the $100 per barrel mark again in 2011." Shen Tao said

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