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Since July 11, according to experts, domestic gasoline and diesel prices have been reduced for the third time this year, and No. 93 gasoline in some regions has returned to the "six yuan era". This is good news for chemical fiber production enterprises, which is conducive to improving the competitiveness of chemical fiber. At present, users need to comprehensively consider how to choose many domestic clothes. The initial raw materials of chemical fiber products produced by packaging enterprises are from downstream products of oil

Bian Wensheng, vice president of marketing of the fabric business department of Fujian Haitian Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that at present, the raw materials used by the company to produce fabrics come from 70% of downstream products of petroleum. After the price of refined oil in the upstream industrial base of developing new silicone materials is reduced, the chemical fiber yarn as the downstream product of petroleum may be reduced by 300 ~ 500 yuan per ton. Although the decline will not be achieved in one step, it will gradually go. The standard requirement of total heat release is ≥ 15 mm, and the favorable policy will appear in the future within one month

it is understood that in the past two years, because the ton price of domestic cotton yarn is still more than 20000 yuan, more than 15000 yuan in the United States and 12000 yuan in India, many fabric manufacturers are looking for raw materials that can replace cotton, so they have accelerated the shift of production enterprises from mainly using cotton flowers to man-made fibers

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