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U.S. oil majors were questioned about the crazy continuation of oil prices

yesterday, the intraday price broke through $135. Oil majors said that the reasonable price of oil prices was up to $90 per barrel

the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories made the originally tight crude oil futures prices continue to soar, and broke through the new high of $135 per barrel in yesterday's electronic trading. The market expects that the momentum of the continued rise in oil prices will remain strong when the tight supply and demand situation cannot be eased

the five major oil majors were questioned

the unexpected decline in U.S. crude oil inventories has once again become the fuse for the recent surge in oil prices. The latest report of the U.S. Department of energy said that last week, the U.S. crude oil inventory plummeted to 320.4 million barrels, and the reduction of the vessel was composed of 5.32 million barrels of two isolated vessel systems, the largest decline in four months. Affected by this, as of 12 noon yesterday, Beijing time, in NYMEX after hours electronic trading, the price of light crude oil futures for July delivery rose by $1.87 to $135.04 a barrel, or 1.4%. Since May, the oil price has increased by more than 20%

affected by the sharp rise in oil prices, the three major stock indexes in New York fell sharply on the 21st, with declines of more than 1.6%, of which the Dow Jones index fell 227.49 points, or 1.77%. Asia Pacific stock markets and European stock markets also mostly fell yesterday. Gold prices rose for the fifth consecutive trading day, while the dollar hit a four week low against the euro

On the 21st, representatives of the five major oil companies were questioned by the US Senate Judiciary Committee on the issue of oil prices. Representatives of the five major oil companies attending the inquiry were BP, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell

Hofstadter, President of shell oil company, said that the actual price of oil should be between $35 and $90 per barrel when returning to the private sector. Other presidents questioned also said that the reasonable oil price was up to $90 a barrel

traders crazy long

the non-stop rise in oil prices makes traders crazy long. According to the latest data table of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Angang is the main initiator and leader. Ming, crude oil futures in the New York market soared and reached a new high on the 21st, mainly due to short covering by traders who were bearish on crude oil futures in the early stage

data showed that the number of open positions of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell by 8.1% to 1.36 million hands in the past week. Over the same period, the price of major contracts increased by 2.6%. Market participants pointed out that the number of open positions fell and prices rose, indicating that traders who had previously established short positions were closing positions by buying new contracts to reduce losses. However, Stephen scock, President of scock group, believes that the current market conditions of declining open positions and rising prices indicate that some funds are withdrawing from the crude oil futures market

at the same time, the price of call options is also rising. In the NYMEX market, the price of the option contract delivered in December 2008 with a strike price of $200/barrel jumped 67% in the past three days

institutions have raised their oil price expectations

"the sharp reduction in crude oil inventories is surprising. At present, we are all concerned about positive factors, and you can only buy with the trend." Tatsuo, an analyst at Kanetsu asset management, said, "we will continue to meet the small target set by Cui Lixin now."

The recent report of Goldman Sachs also pointed out that tight production capacity and insufficient reserve capacity will make the average oil price in the second half of this year $141. The report said that in the next six to 24 months, oil prices are likely to rise to $150 - $200 per barrel

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