The hottest oil price has really risen, and it may

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The oil price has really risen! And the next round may rise

oil prices have really risen! And the next round may rise

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the window for a new round of price adjustment of refined oil has been opened in the early morning (at 4:00 on April 12 when the power is connected). As we predicted before, the price of refined oil has really risen! Since April 13, gasoline and diesel prices have increased by 200 yuan and 190 yuan respectively

this increase is equivalent to an increase of 0.16 yuan/liter for No. 0 diesel, 0.15 yuan/liter for No. 89 gasoline, 0.16 yuan/liter for No. 92 gasoline, and 0.16 yuan/liter for No. 95 gasoline. According to the 600L fuel tank, it costs 96 yuan more to fill up a tank of diesel than before

according to the car with a monthly cooling standby running of 14000 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 35L per hundred kilometers, it will cost nearly 400 yuan more in nearly half a month until the next price adjustment window (the tightening test in April will be carried out on the pressure tester at 24:00 on the 26th) opens. We made a prediction for you before the price rise. I don't know if you have filled up the oil in advance

after the rise in oil prices, many card users are very sad. Except for the freight rate, other fees will rise again. There is worse news. According to the analysis of relevant experts, the international crude oil has risen continuously recently. The Syrian war has a great impact on the Middle East oil market. It is expected that the next round of refined oil price adjustment will rise

yes, you are right. This price rise is not the end. The next round of price adjustment window opens, and the probability of oil price rise is relatively high. Whether for large fleets or retail investors, they will face the problem of rising operating costs. In the face of such a severe situation, card friends can not change the oil price, but can change their thinking, strive to improve driving skills and reduce fuel consumption, which is also a good way

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