The hottest port in Shenzhen intercepted 900 tons

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Shenzhen Port intercepted 900 tons of unqualified imported waste paper

Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau recently (2) when enforcing the law in the western port area, it intercepted 900 tons of unqualified imported waste paper from the United States since 2010. Most of these imported waste paper will have a poor sanitary condition if it is not piston

according to relevant sources, a company applied to Shenzhen Shekou inspection and Quarantine Bureau for importing a batch of waste paper from the United States, weighing more than 900 tons and worth more than 1 million yuan. The inspection and quarantine personnel found a large amount of domestic garbage and other entrainments in the waste paper during the unpacking inspection on the site. The inspection was carried out item by item according to the specified items and requirements. The epidemic bureau decided to sort this batch of unqualified waste paper on site, return those with extremely poor sanitation, and release those with slightly better sanitation after fumigation and disinfection

(information source: packaging report shenzhenping)

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