The hottest port in Zhejiang strictly inspects ABS

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The inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhejiang Province found that there are two main problems with ABS imported from South Korea: one is to fake waste raw materials into genuine goods or sub brand materials, or maliciously transfer industrial wastes and goods prohibited by China through false commodity names; In addition, it is to evade China's tariffs with inferior goods, genuine goods and false reports as sub brand materials or secondary products and substandard products

in view of the above situation, Zhejiang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau conducted a strict inspection on ABS imported from South Korea at ports across the province. On the one hand, the inspection and quarantine department has formulated measures to strengthen the inspection and supervision of imported raw material products focusing on imported plastic raw material products, strictly inspect according to the existing regulations, strengthen the research on inspection regulations and technology, and strengthen the technical training of inspection and supervision personnel. At the same time, it has also established the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies, plastic raw material inspection and supervision archives and emergency response mechanism, and reported major problems in a timely manner. On the other hand, we will strictly control the ports in the province, especially monitor and pay attention to the flow of unqualified goods with ABS imported from South Korea found at other ports, so as to prevent them from re entering the country after returning. In addition, we will also pay close attention to the situation of Korean companies' exports to China, and strictly inspect them. Once problems are found, they will be dealt with in a timely manner according to law, and from imitation skills to digital skills, and reported to the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of the people's Republic of China for type II samples in Figure 2

Zhejiang Inspection and quarantine department reminds domestic enterprises to polish their eyes when importing plastic raw materials, sign purchase contracts, communicate more with the inspection and quarantine department, and apply for inspection in a timely and truthful manner to avoid unnecessary losses

these pipes will be placed on the sea surface

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