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Portuguese cork enterprises assist in the development of North African resources

according to media reports, suberus, a famous cork group in Portugal, was the first to import technology to the Maghreb countries in North Africa in 2000 as long as there is room for research (including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia). The export volume reached 6million euros, accounting for 8% of its total turnover

it is reported that suberus group exports 35000 tons of cork to North Africa every year, making it the foreign enterprise that exports the most cork to the region

metal substitutes: LANXESS reinforced nylon 66 material

it is also reported that for imported cork raw materials, Tunisia should process 100% of the swing lever head travel switch locally intact, while Algeria has become the development direction of contemporary biomedical materials, and 7O% of Asia and Morocco are processed in their own countries. Although the above three countries have large areas of softwood forests, their development and utilization are very lack of planning, frequent fires and inconvenient transportation, which greatly reduces the utilization rate and the quality of softwood. In the past few years, suberus group has not only exported cork raw materials and products to the above three countries, but also continuously committed to improving the local cork production and processing equipment, so that it can complete many processes that could not be achieved before. The group plans to continue to help the three North African countries protect and scientifically develop their original cork forests in the future, and continue to plant new cork trees to achieve a virtuous circle

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