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Modern mold manufacturing technology and equipment Review

Abstract: through the review of mold processing technology and key equipment, measuring instruments, mold cad/cam technology in the 10th China International Mold Technology and equipment exhibition, the current situation, characteristics and development trend of modern mold manufacturing technology are introduced

key words: machining centers, CNC milling machines, special processing machines, CNC engraving machines, measuring instruments, mold cad/cam/cae technology

the 10th China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Mold Exhibition) was held in Shanghai from May 12 to 16, 2004. The exhibition area of this Mold Exhibition is more than 35000m2, and a total of 288 mold processing equipment are displayed. Excellent products, famous products and new products are wonderful, and the exhibition situation is unprecedented. In terms of mold manufacturing technology and equipment, well-known manufacturers at home and abroad participated in the exhibition, which reflects the contemporary advanced level and development trend of mold manufacturing technology, shows the strong vitality of Mold Exhibition, and will play a positive role in promoting and promoting the development of China's mold industry

this paper reviews the modern mold manufacturing technology and key equipment in this mold exhibition

I. machining centers and CNC milling machines

more than 60 machining centers and CNC milling machines were exhibited in this exhibition. Manufacturers from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan, Spain, Taiwan Province and Hong Kong respectively, and some domestic machine tool factory products participated in the exhibition

the exhibits are still mainly high-speed milling machine tools (HSM), and all foreign exhibits are high-speed milling. Only joint ventures and wholly-owned enterprises in China have high-speed milling for assembly of incoming parts or production according to foreign drawings, and Taiwan manufacturers in China have more high-speed milling than the previous session. On the whole, the technical level of this exhibition is higher than that of the previous one, which is reflected in the more mature technology of the products exhibited for many times and the higher technical level of the new products exhibited for the first time. Throughout the exhibition products have their own characteristics. As many exhibits have been exhibited and commented on in the last or previous sessions, now only the new products on display for the first time are introduced as follows:

demargie company in Germany has always been one of the exhibitors with the largest number of exhibits. A total of 9 various mold processing equipment were exhibited this year, including 6 processing centers and 2 for the first exhibition. The first is DMC 75V vertical machining center, which is a vertical machining center with X, y and Z coordinates driven by linear motors, which is further improved after the DMC 64 exhibited last year. DMC 75V vertical machining center has three coordinate strokes of 750 (885)/600/560 (600) mm in X, y and Z, spindle speed of 18000 r/min, spindle power of 35kw, and maximum torque of 119/85n m. The three-way rapid feed of X, y and Z is 90m/min, the acceleration is 2G, the tool handle sk63, and the capacity of the tool magazine is 30. The machine tool is specially developed for the mold industry. The column of the machine tool adopts the gantry structure. The x-axis guide rail is above the column, and the y-axis is on the bed. When the workbench moves back and forth, the center of gravity is always within the guide rail range. The system is Heidenhain itnc530, which has a fast processing speed with a price exceeding 3700 yuan/ton. The machine tool also has a derivative product of five axis linkage, which can realize five axis linkage processing with the help of the rotary swing of the main shaft head and the CNC rotary workbench. In order to reduce the temperature rise and thermal deformation of parts when moving at high speed, the machine tool is equipped with temperature sensors on three moving parts to monitor the temperature and compensate the position. Due to the proper matching of three-axis speed, the cutting feed speed can reach 30 ~ 40 m/min during three-dimensional machining, and maintain high machining accuracy

the other is DMC 60t, a high-precision and adaptive vertical machining center. It is a series of modular machines, including DMV 60/80/100 and other machine tools. The DMC 60t x, y and Z coordinate travel on display is 630/560/560mm, the spindle motor is 15kw, the spindle speed is 12000 r/min, the tool handle SK40, and the rapid feed three axes are all 50m/min, and the acceleration is 6m/s2. The high-speed type is 24000 r/min, and the maximum is 42000 R/min. The machine tool can also provide an adaptive function software ATC, which is an expert system for mold processing technology. It is an expert system software set for the three processing purposes of "surface quality", "precision" and "speed (efficiency)", which can help the operator optimize the best process parameters to achieve the best processing effect

Swiss Archie Shamir company is a famous manufacturer of electrical machining machine tools in Switzerland. This time, in addition to a number of precision EDM machines, a high-speed milling center (HSM) was also exhibited. Mikron, which produces precision machine tools in Switzerland, was incorporated into the group in 2000. This time, the hsm800 machining center developed by Mikron after its incorporation into the group is on display. In a sense, it reflects the business idea of the group: the complete set of mold processing. Because EDM and HSM are indispensable processing equipment for mold finishing. The hsm800 spindle speed exhibited by Mikron company this time is 36000 r/min, the spindle power is 32kw, and the processing range x/y/z is 800 × six hundred × 500mm, bearing 1000kg is the largest one in this series

Mikron is famous for producing precision machine tools, and its hsm400u won the first prize of the 2002 European high speed machining award. The main reason why its products can ensure the best accuracy of the workpiece is that the machine tool selects high damping materials as the bed, so that the machine tool has good rigidity and seismic resistance. The main measures taken are: closed O-shaped gantry structure, artificial marble bed, Y-Z slide high-strength casting structure, high-speed motorized spindle adopts ceramic hybrid ball bearings with high load capacity and long service life, and is equipped with temperature sensors and vector control systems for thermal compensation, as well as precision grating rulers installed on three axes to ensure machining accuracy. In addition, the motorized spindle is also equipped with a constant temperature water-cooling device and a device for high-pressure injection of dry or wet coolant and good protection to ensure that the coolant will not leak during high-speed machining. In addition to the above structural guarantee, Mikron developed the cyclone expert system MCE in order to enable operators to select the best process parameters for processing according to the main processing objectives, so as to achieve the best processing effect. The system is developed for the three machining goals of high-speed cutting machine tools, "short machining time", "highest precision" and "best surface quality". The operator can determine and set parameters through the triangle display interface. The parameter display is intuitive and easy to operate, so the operator can master it after short-term training. For example, the main goal is rough machining, and efficiency is the key. The operator only needs to set the machining time as the highest priority, then the expert system will relax the tolerance zone, and only roughly cut the contour at the corners and curves, and the machine tool will provide as much feed speed as possible, so as to obtain high cutting efficiency. If the main goal is finishing, its accuracy and surface quality are the key points. If the highest accuracy is required, the system will set a narrow tolerance zone for it, and the feed transmission mechanism will decelerate at sharp corners and curves to avoid overcutting. However, on the premise of ensuring accuracy, the maximum feed speed is still adopted as far as possible. In addition, Mikron also provides a selection function, that is, the function of connecting the machine tool with. When the operator leaves the post and the equipment is unattended, it will automatically alarm the operator if there is a problem. Hurco company of the United States also provides process software in a targeted manner. The "speed control software AVC" and "surface processing software ASF" provided by the company can automatically select the feed speed when each point of the surface reaches the best surface quality, so as to process the best surface

Japan's Makino company exhibited 7 machine tools, including EDM machine tools and CNC knife grinders, including 3 machining centers (V22, V33 and V56). V22 machining center is the first exhibition. It is a small vertical machining center. The spindle motor is 8.4kw, the speed is 400 ~ 40000 r/min, the torque is 2nm, and the feed speed is 20m/mm. It is suitable for high-speed finish milling of electrodes and hardened steel small molds. V33 was exhibited in the last session and has been briefly introduced. V56 workbench 550 × 1050mm, x/y/z three-way stroke: 900 × five hundred and fifty × 450mm, bearing weight 800kg, spindle speed 20000 r/min, maximum feed speed 20m/mm, spindle taper hole 7/24 No. 40, HSK is optional, spindle thermal deformation ± 1 μ m. Spindle amplitude is less than ± 2 μ m. Under constant temperature, the cutting accuracy is 0.004/250mm. Makino machine tool has good high-speed processing effect. For example, when processing shell mold, use ra0.3mm ball head cutter, spindle speed 20000 r/min, feed speed 300mm/min, processing material hardness hrc52, and processing surface roughness Ra0.4 μ m. And there is no knife contact mark when changing the knife. The structural design of V56 vertical machining center adopts gantry column structure. The x-direction guide rail is placed above the column, and the z-axis guide rail is placed on the x-axis sliding plate, so that the z-axis has no cantilever phenomenon, so as to ensure excellent machining accuracy in the whole stroke. The Y axis is on the bed, and the center of gravity is always within the guide rail range when the workbench moves back and forth, so the overall rigidity of the machine tool is good. The spindle adopts central cooling, internal pressure lubrication system and thermal deformation compensation technology, which can minimize the impact of thermal deformation of the machine tool. Thus, even if the V56 machine tool runs at high speed for a long time, it can ensure the high accuracy of the workpiece. The thermal stability control system of the machine tool (option) can make the cooling oil flow through the column, thereby reducing the thermal deformation of the column. In addition, there are spindle load monitoring function and Makino expert control system. In short, the structure of V56 machine tool is carefully designed and manufactured for high-speed milling, which is very suitable for high-speed machining of molds

it is particularly worth mentioning that hspc2825 ultra-high speed precision small machining center produced by German Kern company (with processing physical samples, machine tools not participating in the exhibition) has a maximum spindle speed of 160000 r/min, which is said to be the highest in the world. Five axis five linkage, positioning accuracy ± 1.0 μ m. Resolution 0 one μ m. The accuracy of machined parts can reach ± 2 0 μ m. The highest hardness of machined workpiece is hrc57, and the minimum is Machinable Ф 0.03mm small hole can process quenched steel, cemented carbide and ceramic materials, with the best surface roughness Ra0.2 μ m. The tool adopts measurement, which can eliminate the influence of high-speed rotation and static spindle on the tool length. It can process all kinds of precision small molds such as cemented carbide blade mold

this time, there are more exhibits of the five axis machining center than that of the previous session. Demaji 3. Judgment rules: two sets are displayed, and the rest are displayed by Spencer, Heimer, alzmetro and FIDIA respectively. Many manufacturers clearly supply five axis linkage high-speed milling machine tools in their sample data. For example, Mikron company, Makino company of Japan and decrea company of Spain. This shows that mold processing has an increasing demand for five linkage machine tools, especially for high-speed milling of three-dimensional profile processing. Only by maintaining a certain inclination between the tool axis and the machined profile can we obtain good surface processing quality, so five linkage machine tools are needed

most of the machining centers and CNC milling machines of manufacturers in mainland China and Taiwan Province are of ordinary structure, and their spindle speed is generally 6000 ~ 8000 r/min, and there are few exhibits exceeding 10000 R/min. The reason is that the rigidity, accuracy and vibration resistance of the host with traditional structure do not meet the needs of high-speed milling. Among the exhibits are domestic machine tools specially designed for high-speed milling, but they are all products of joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises. For example, hs664 and D165 high-speed vertical machining centers of Shenyang FIDIA High Speed Machine Tool Co., Ltd. are completely based on FIDIA

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